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RSM Deutschland GmbH
Friedrichstraße 188
10117 Berlin

VAT ID: DE 272835210

T: +49 30 80 92 999-44
F: +49 30 80 92 999-33
E: info[at]

Executive Management

CPA TA Dr. Warner B.J. Popkes
(Chairman of the Management Board)
CPA TA Holger Böge
CPA TA Rainer Grote
CPA TA Christian Knöller
CPA TA Rolf Mählmann

Company Information

Head Office: Berlin
Commercial Register:
Charlottenburg Amtsgericht  [Local Court]
HRB 126988 B


The RSM Deutschland GmbH auditing firm is licensed as an auditing firm in Germany and operates under the supervision of the Chamber of Certified Public Accountants with registered office in Berlin and with a nationwide area of responsibility.

All of the Certified Public Accountants and Chartered Accountants who work at the RSM Deutschland GmbH auditing firm are members of the Chamber of Certified Public Accountants and are therefore subject to its supervision obligations.
The profession of Certified Public Accountant is essentially subject to the following provisions:

  • Certified Public Accountants Ordinance (WPO)
  • Professional Charter of the CPAs/CAs   

These professional regulations can be inspected at the Chamber of Certified Public Accountants (WPK).
The professional liability insurance has been concluded with HDI Gerling Firmen- und Privatversicherungs AG, operating location Saarbrücken, Neumarkt 15, 66117 Saarbrücken.

RSM Deutschland GmbH Wirtschaftsprüfungsgesellschaft is a member of the RSM network and trades as RSM . RSM is the trading name used by the members of the RSM network.

Each member of the RSM network is an independent accounting and consulting firm, each of which practices in its own right. The RSM network is not itself a separate legal entity of any description in any jurisdiction.

The RSM network is administered by RSM International Limited, a company registered in England and Wales (company number 4040598) whose registered office is at 11 Old Jewry, London EC 2R 8DU.
The brand and trademark RSM and other intellectual property rights used by members of the network are owned by RSM International Association, an association governed by article 60 et seq of the Civil Code of Switzerland whose seat is in Zug.


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